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About Anne

Anne was born in the Highlands of Scotland. She followed a path as an educationist.

She travels worldwide following her spiritual path, giving workshops, healing, consultations and demonstrations.

She is a Consultant of the British Astrological and Psychic Society in Clairvoyance and Mediumship.

In these sessions, regular and in depth, she gives tools of light to give clarity to the issues of the client. There is a strong healing component including Ayurvedic advice and 3 relevant past lives also, and a tape of the session is provided free of charge.


Q: “I have some money in a Swiss bank, it’s in vested but I can pull it out anytime. It’s for my holidays and the buffer for when I get back to where I live there. What to do? Pull it out and invest in gold or simple bank savings account or leave as is and wait for the financial climate to cool down? Thank you.” ~ Mariana

A: “I saw a river of gold in spate all energy lost. Yours in a safe place motionless by the riverbank buried deep. Keep it sound where it is. You will always have enough for ur needs. Ignore it for now. Lots of love~Anne”

Thank you so much !! The bank, ubs in gva, is one street away from where the river Rhone comes out of the lake, it’s precisely there. Brilliant clairvoyant you are!!! Well done. Thank you so much. Yes, i did have the same feeling, and its like Qantas support a system that is good and will keep proving its points....Big hug and love~Mariana

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