Anne at Seed of Life, Kuala Lumpur

Tea at Subang Airport

11th century Knight's templar church, Slebech Wales

Iona, Scotland


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"Anne has been on many spiritual pilgrimages, to Glastonbury UK, Cape Andreas Cyprus, Sedona US, Santa Fe US. She has studied with the Shamans of Borneo in the Rain Forest and has climbed to 17,500 feet in The Himalayas, where marvels were revealed. She is a Tibetan Buddhist."

She is a consultant of the British Astrological and Psychic Society in Clairvoyance and Mediumship.

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Newly Published Books!
1. Archie and Arthur, A Mouse's Tale
2. Rainbows in the Snow (a sequel to A Feather, Falling.)
3. Strategies of Survival
4. A Viable Alternative
5. Cherries on the Cake
6. Circles within Circles, theLife of a Seer
7.I Ching

St Rafael, Pomos


Lion Dance, Sydney

Pyramid Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt

Olive Tree, 1000 Years

Temple, Penang

Flower, Sri Lanka

Anne met this wild ground hog in Verona Park, New Jersey, USA.

Her second book of case studies "A Viable Alternatives" will be on sale later this year.

Anne's autobiography "A Feather Falling" published by Publish America is available now on line and in book shops from October 17th 2009. (ISBN 978-1-61582-885-2)

Her CD Meditation on Water is available now. In this newsly recroded CD she takes as her focus places visited: Chalice Well, Darling Harbour, Wanlockhead, Hong Kong Harbour, Tintagel and Chesapeake Bay.

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Horse Riding in Egypt

Kingfisher, on guard, Penang

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